Foam generator and controller
In the parabolic applicator, all foam bubbles travel the same distance from the entry point to the substrate
CFS microbubble technology: all the chemicals are contained in the liquid envelope
CFS is a highly controlled, patented system for accurately applying foamed water soluble or water dispersible chemicals at very low moisture levels onto or into substrates such as textiles, carpet, nonwovens, paper, and others. Such low moisture levels are possible that chemical migration in the substrate is virtually eliminated. This, combined with CFS technology permits precise control of chemical penetration depth.

The CFS system hardware is composed of three components. The Foam Generator provides foam at the correct mixture and density (up to over 100:1 blow ratio).

The Applicator applies the foam under pressure onto or into the substrate. Its unique parabolic design assures uniform application across the width without streaks

Both units are controlled by a PLC Control System, which gears foam delivery to range speed and controls foam pressure to achieve the application depth desired.

Also, proper Chemical Formulation is a vital factor in a successful application. Gaston Systems uses its more than 20 years' foam application experience to assist customers in finding the right formulation to meet specific application needs.

Key to the CFS System's success is its microbubble technology, which makes possible a predictably managed and controlled foam application. A varying bubble size represents an unbalanced bath density and will never produce an even chemical treatment. Only CFS confines and controls the foam for accurate and repeatable results.