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Low moisture Foam Application System which achieves exact, uniform application of chemicals to open-width substrates.

  • Patented system for applying foamed chemistry,at low moisture levels, onto or into substrates such as textile, carpet, non woven, or paper webs.
  • Eliminates chemical migration
  • Chemical add-on independent of substrate
  • Pilot line available for trials
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The Microbubble

Key to the CFS success is microbubble technology which provides a predictable and controlled foam. Only CFS confines and controls the foam for accurate and repeatable results.

The Applicator

Foam is applied under pressure onto or into the substrate. A unique parabolic applicator insures uniform chemistry across the width without streaks. This technology permits precise control of chemical penetration

The Foam Generator

The Foam Generator provides foam at the correct mixture and density (up to 100:1 blow ratio). Optional injection system provides addition of additional chemicals or dyes.

The Controls

Blending, foam delivery and application are managed by latest PLC, digital drives, control software and color touch screens. Preloaded recipe for standard applications (coating, shutdown & cleaning) are included. Additional process recipes are configurable. Network link is included for remote diagnostics.
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Navis Tubetex introduces the innovative Chemical Foam System (CFS) technology using low moisture foam providing precise, uniform application of chemicals.

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