Chemical Foam Solutions

  1. Latex application to nonwoven, drapery fabrics, coating of upholstery fabric
  2. Deep, one-sided penetration of binder into trunk liner material, providing a moldable product with a soft outer surface
  3. Binder applications for filtration 
  4. Flame resistant coating for FR rated fabrics
  5. One-sided resin finishing of apparel fabric
  6. Yarn treatment in slashing application
  7. Hydrophylic treatment of fiber material
  8. Two sided pigmented surface coating for nonwovens


Used for coating, finishing, pigmenting, and producing new fashion styling on open width fabrics nonwovens, and other substrates.

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• Soil repellents
• Oil repellents
• Water repellents
• Fluoro chemicals

• Anti-slip coatings 
• Hydrophilic agents  
• Hydrophobic agents  
• Antistatic coatings

Treatments Include:

Chemical Foam Solutions achieves exact, uniform application of chemicals at wet pickup levels as low as 5% and speeds beyond 900 meters /min.


Softeners and Lubricants

Weighters/ Binders


Chemicals can be applied from any direction to one or both sides of the substrate. Different chemistry can be applied simultaneously with multiple applicators