Two-sided application, each chemical
applied to a different depth

Applying chemicals to substrates through a foam medium produces many benefits over traditional application methods. More than 500 CFS installed systems testify to its proven performance.

  • Precision placement of chemicals to one or both sides simultaneously.
  • Low wet pickup produces significant chemical and energy savings, without sacrificing performance. There is less water to evaporate and pre-drying is often eliminated.
  • Application is independent of range speed. Speeds are often increased.
  • Patented applicator provides uniform chemical distribution across any substrate width, resulting in improved product performance and/or quality.
  • Inherent versatility offers product diversification opportunities.

CFS can be retrofitted to most existing ranges, providing cost advantages and increased versatility that can improve your product’s marketing potential


Used for coating, finishing, pigmenting, and producing new fashion styling on open width fabrics nonwovens, and other substrates.

• Soil repellents
• Oil repellents
• Water repellents
• Stain repellents
• Fluoro chemicals
• Release coatings
• Anti-slip coatings

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Unique ability to explore new styling possibilities.

With all its capabilities, the CFS System is still easy to operate. The operator-friendly control system incorporates safeguards to protect your process.

The applicator head is inherently very rigid and can be built for any width of material. Its parabolic design assures absolute uniformity across the width.

The foam generator has a unique foamer head design allowing blow ratios ov over 100:1.

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